For Prospective Customers

BroadHunt has been designed as a peer-to-peer platform with two groups of users, Buyers and Expert Shoppers.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You post a search request (or ‘Hunt’), including product details;
  2. An Initial Admin Fee (currently $99) is paid before the search is conducted. We require a payment in advance to ensure you have a genuine need before several Expert Shoppers spend time on the Hunt;
  3. Sit back with a cocktail while Expert Shoppers (including car brokers, fleet buyers, and industry insiders) compete to find matching products at the best possible prices;
  4. Expert Shoppers submit their Results.  These should contain the kind of hidden gems you wouldn’t easily find yourself;
  5. The best deal is selected by BroadHunt, typically the lowest comparable price.  Other factors are taken into account (such as year of build) and we may seek your input;
  6. The winning Expert Shopper contacts the buyer to complete the purchase;
  7. Payment for the car is made directly to the dealership.

You place a search request on BroadHunt, listing the details of a product/service you want.  You can also add preferences (i.e. criteria which are nice-to-have but not essential).  We collect information that may help negotiate a better price.

Once the Search Request is placed, Expert Shoppers skilled in the respective category of product/service can then commence a search on behalf of the Buyer.

They submit matching Results to the BroadHunt website/app.  A matching Result will generally include the specific product, specific supplier, third party promotions (if relevant) and specific price.

These Results should contain deals that are not easy to find – i.e. going beyond the deals available directly from suppliers or advertised online.

If a price has been negotiated with a supplier by the Expert Shopper, the Result submitted must include the name or ID of the retailer’s staff member that agreed the price.

Each Expert Shopper may submit more than one Result.

You can remain anonymous as a Buyer. Only the submitter of the winning deal will be provided with your contact details.  They can answer any questions and take you through the next steps.

If you prefer a different deal to the one initially selected as the winner, the selection can be changed.  Please contact us at [email protected] to make changes.

Today, we are limited to New Cars in Australia.

In theory, BroadHunt may be used for any product or service.  However in practice, a hunt for low value items is unlikely to make sense, given the Expert Shoppers’ time and the expected Rewards.

We expect most searches to be for products that retail at over $1,000.

The product and service categories that will drive the majority of searches are:

  • Vehicles
  • House purchases & rentals
  • Household utilities
  • Household major appliances, minor appliances & furniture
  • Entertainment (AV equipment, computers, tablets, consoles)
  • Cellular phones & plans
  • Vacations (hotels, flights, rental cars)
  • Financial services (mortgages, loans, savings, investments, insurances)
  • Healthcare

Please note that our ability to offer hunts for Financial Service products may vary by region, depending on local regulations.

New Cars:

A study of prices by drive.com.au across 8 car brokers & salary packaging firms found the average range of prices was 8.6%.  So how can you be sure to pick the best buyers’ agent?

Because our New Car hunts use experts to source quotes from a range of competing car dealerships, we are confident we will outperform almost any other source.

Typical savings for new vehicles exceed 5-10% of the retail price.  To get a quick estimate for your specific vehicle, use our Instant Savings Calculator.

Other Products:

We expect typical savings for Household major appliances and entertainment equipment to exceed 20% of the retail price.

Savings naturally vary depending on the category, the product margin, and the Buyer’s criteria.  Buyers who allow more flexibility are likely to get larger savings.

To get the best deal on a New Car, you pay just $20.

BroadHunt charges a referral fee to suppliers, but nothing further will be paid to BroadHunt by you.

Around 3-5 days.

  • Your Hunt is typically reviewed by BroadHunt within 24 hours.
  • Once approved, Expert Shoppers have 72 hours to submit deals.
  • BroadHunt will normally select the winner within 24 hours.  This allows time to consult with you if required.

BroadHunt is committed to ensuring Buyers and Expert Shoppers benefit from using our platform.

There are a couple of ways to ensure you, as a Buyer, don’t receive irrelevant or poor quality Results.

  1. Ensure you set the right criteria.  If you want us to beat an existing price, ensure you provide the quote.  If quick delivery is important, set the delivery deadline accordingly.
  2. We screen all submissions to ensure they meet your criteria.
  3. We want your feedback.  Expert Shoppers that fall below our required feedback levels  will no longer be eligible to compete for new requests.

If you believe you would find a better price yourself, you can challenge our Expert Shoppers to compete with that price.  If they fail to beat it, we will refund your fee.

BroadHunt currently operates in Australia.  We will aim to target USA and the United Kingdom in the near future.

We hope to extend to other countries over time.

For Prospective Expert Shoppers

Some people enjoy shopping.  Maybe that’s you?  Shopping is its own reward.

Some people like helping others.  Altruism may be your #1 driver.

Some are motivated by competition.  We will soon be running league tables to show who our best Expert Shoppers are in each category.  In time, we will enable you to compete against a closed pool of your friends.

Some just want to earn money, and that’s fine too.

With BroadHunt, you can make money without spending a cent on advertising, marketing, technology, staff, rent, etc.  All you need is access to email and access to great deals.

It is true that you could do the work and not win the round.  But this is no different to any salesperson who is competing for business against their competitors.  The major difference here is that Buyers have paid a fee upfront, so they are legitimate Buyers and not time wasters.

If you only want to do work with guaranteed pay, BroadHunt is not for you.  If you back yourself to be a true Expert Shopper, we want you to be part of our community!

Expert Shoppers on the platform are not employees of BroadHunt; rather, they are independent contractors.

Yes, it is often important to seek clarification for certain requests.  To preserve privacy, we ask that questions be submitted via the platform.

Expert Shoppers with a strong knowledge of the local market are likely to outperform others.  Therefore, we are initially be looking for Expert Shoppers in Australia.

We are also starting to onboard Expert Shoppers in USA and UK, in preparation for launch.

It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the contractual requirements of any third-parties, including your employer, organisations you are a member of, or other sources.

The first step is simple.  Complete the Expert Shopper Joining Form.

We screen all applicants to ensure they have an appropriate level of expertise and to understand the product categories and regions they align with.

You can remain anonymous as an Expert Shopper.  Other Expert Shoppers do not see your contact details.

Buyers do not need access to your contact details, unless you list yourself as the supplier of the product when you submit a deal.

BroadHunt: the smart way to source your next big purchase!

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