Information for Prospective Expert Shoppers

Earn Money Just By Identifying Deals

Who Can Become An Expert Shopper?

To achieve our mission of saving Time, Hassle and Money for Buyers, we need to source experts with the strongest skills in uncovering incredible deals with a detailed understanding of product ranges in their categories.

When you apply, you select the category or categories of product you have expertise in.

Although application to be an Expert Shopper is open to anyone to apply, we are primarily interested in a few different types of background:

  • Current buyers’ agents, including car brokers, house buyers’ agents, concierge services, other forms of broker
  • Sales people and distributors
  • Those who work for product manufacturers / service providers
  • Product reviewers
  • People active on bargain hunting forums
  • People active on specialist product forums
  • Enthusiasts
  • Highly knowledgeable consumers

If you are unsure if you qualify, apply to find out.  Applying is quick and easy.

No Commitment Required

One of the best things about becoming an Expert Shopper on BroadHunt is that there are no strings attached.  By joining the community, you would see the Hunts that you may be suitable for, but you can choose whether or not to participate in any one of them.

If a Buyer’s request seems too narrow, too unique, their price seems unachievable, the Reward is insufficient, or if you are simply too busy, there’s no obligation to participate in that Hunt.  You have the option, you stay in control.

Since there are no fees, there’s really no downside to joining.

Product & Service Categories

The BroadHunt service has launched with Vehicles initially, and plans to expand to Major Appliances, Laptops, Tablets and Consoles.  We are, however, interested in applications from Expert Shoppers in all of the following categories.

How BroadHunt works?

Beat My Price

The homepage provides a good visual explanation of how BroadHunt works for people who know exactly what product they want.  These people are probably just looking for the best deal, which may relate to pricing and/or other factors like warranty, convenience, availability, reliability of supplier, promotional incentives, etc.

Advice & Price

We will soon also service people who need advice to find the right product at the best price.  In the “Advice & Price” offering, Buyers will set out their criteria, leaving the Expert Shoppers to help them determine which product is most suitable.

To win this style of competition, you would need to submit recommendations and explain why your product is the most suitable for the Buyer.  Your submission can include links to product reviews, product specification and photos; But remember that we also want Buyers to save time, so providing a summary of the relevant information is highly recommended.

In the end, the Buyer will select the winner on the quality of both Advice received and the Deal they sourced.

The Full Process

BroadHunt has been designed as a peer-to-peer platform with two groups of users, Buyers and Expert Shoppers.  Here’s how it works:

BroadHunt has been designed as a peer-to-peer platform with two groups of users, Buyers and Expert Shoppers.  Here’s how it works:

  1. The Buyer posts a search request (or ‘Hunt’), including product details;
  2. An Initial Admin Fee (currently $20) is paid before the search is conducted. We require a small payment in advance to ensure you have a genuine need before several Expert Shoppers spend time on the Hunt;
  3. Expert Shoppers (including car brokers, fleet buyers, and industry insiders) compete to find matching products at the best possible prices;
  4. Expert Shoppers submit their Results.  These should contain the kind of hidden gems a Buyer wouldn’t easily find themselves;
  5. The best deal is selected by BroadHunt, typically the lowest comparable price.  Other factors are taken into account (such as year of build) and we may seek the Buyer’s input;
  6. The winning Expert Shopper contacts the Buyer to complete the purchase;
  7. Payment for the car is made directly to the dealership.

More information can be found on the FAQ page.

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